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Aegis Data, vScaler and GCX Unveil Three-Pronged Partnership to Provide Customers a Complete HPC Proposition

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Scalable offering to allow customers to focus on their core business, while their IT infrastructure will scale as per growing data needs


London, 3 May 2017: High-Performance Compute (HPC) co-location facility Aegis Data has announced a strategic alignment with cloud infrastructure and services provider vScaler to host its cloud environment within its data centre. The partnership is further supported by Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications (RCOM), which will enable direct access to vScaler’s Cloud Services platform via GCX’s CLOUD X Fusion, delivering Next-Generation application-specific Cloud Services to consumers and enterprises over the GCX Global Network.

As part of this strategic partnership, Aegis will provide vScaler with the necessary power and infrastructure requirements that will allow both organisations to capture the increasing demand for scalable HPC-on-demand services from enterprises in the region.

Industry findings have projected that the HPC market is expected to grow up to USD 36.62 billion by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.45 per cent. Traditionally, HPC has focused on serving end users, including researchers, engineers, scientists, educational institutes and healthcare professionals, but the growth of IoT and Big Data, combined with the emergence of virtual reality and online gaming, now means it is being more readily embraced by enterprises requiring greater computing power across the IT estate.

vScaler’s proposition supports this demand via a dedicated, application-specific HPC cloud platform, one that allows users to provision full HPC-on-demand clusters, Big Data analytics and accelerated GPU compute. This will now be enhanced through the relationship with Aegis Data. Currently, one of the biggest challenges facing data centre facilities is the ability to support the necessary power requirements or headroom for growth, and in doing so capping what can be achieved for customers. Aegis Data’s data halls are specifically engineered to deliver the high-density power and cooling required by these Next-Generation platforms, and in doing so provide the perfect complement for vScaler’s offering.

The three-pronged collaboration will further leverage on GCX’s core assets, which include a global network and a leading ecosystem of on-net clouds and providers, enabling seamless, latency-guaranteed, private connectivity between cloud platforms and data centers, co-location environments, or offices, to reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

“The alignment between Aegis and GCX represents one of the most innovative and progressive IT platforms on the market today. Demand for HPC capabilities is growing at a frantic rate, and in meeting the requirements of a diversifying market, it is imperative that we are able to demonstrate that we have the power and connectivity required to support growing data demands,” commented David Power, Chief Technology Officer at vScaler.

“This triangulated partnership supports these demands in perfect harmony, meaning that those organisations looking for HPC requirements can have their demands serviced all under one roof. This is a truly scalable offering, which means that our customers can focus on their core business proposition, safe in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure can grow with them regardless of their data requirements,” Power added.

Greg McCulloch, Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Data, said: “The proliferation of HPC has meant that data centre facilities can no longer rely on just providing HPC capabilities as a means to gain a competitive advantage. What is now enabling providers to stand apart is their ability to demonstrate how they can deliver this service more rapidly, smartly and more efficiently than their competitors. Our partnership with GCX and vScaler demonstrates this perfectly—ensuring one of the most powerful HPC propositions available.”

About Aegis Data

Aegis Data provides highly resilient and optimised data centre environments for its customers’ mission critical IT. Its state of the art data centre aims to significantly reduce IT expenditure by delivering greater cooling efficiencies across all power densities as well as having the power headroom to allow for IT consolidation and growth. With increasingly more customers seeking a road map to increased IT efficiency and value for money, Aegis Data aims to provide the technology and knowledge needed to build and develop and successful colocation and data centre strategy. For more information, please see:

About vScaler

vScaler has been under development for a number of years, orchestrated from a consortium of IT professionals who have recognised the need for a hybrid approach to cloud computing. At its core, vScaler is essentially a cloud platform and service that offers a hybrid approach towards cloud computing, allowing for private cloud adoption and access to a public resource when demand dictates. With vScaler, you can deploy your on premise private cloud in minutes, add cloud-based services or applications, and scale to public or hybrid cloud environments on-demand – all under a single management portal.

About Global Cloud Xchange

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions customized for carriers, enterprises and new media companies. GCX owns the world’s largest private undersea cable system spanning more than 67,000 route kms which, seamlessly integrated with Reliance Communications’ 200,000 route kms of domestic optic fiber backbone, provides a robust Global Service Delivery Platform. With connections to 40 key business markets worldwide spanning Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East, GCX delivers Managed Services to more than 160 countries and offer extensive VPLS-enabled Ethernet network capabilities globally. GCX is equipped to support businesses through the deployment of next generation Enterprise solutions across its Cloud Delivery Networks.