Today, Hilton has become a game-changer in innovative digital transformation. For Hilton, as more products and services are delivered from the Cloud, it is absolutely critical that the network performs optimally.

With large-scale international growth – and hundreds of projects in development – especially in key markets in Asia Pacific, delivering a consistent infrastructure to every property in a secure and seamless manner is all but easy.

In partnership with GCX, Hilton is preparing to meet these growth challenges…


A game changer in global hospitality

As the most recognized name in the hospitality industry, travelers all over the world have been saying “take me to the Hilton” for almost a century. With more than 5,200 locations across 105 countries and territories, Hilton provides an authentic and contemporary experience for its guests. Today, Hilton has become a game-changer in innovative digital transformation…

Overcoming challenges in managed services

A game-changer in innovative digital transformation, Hilton is all about delivering the best customer experience – and bringing innovative concepts to global hospitality. As Hilton expanded into new and key markets, the Technology team faced new security and regulation risks. Together with GCX, the team delivered a “future technology” solution.