Ensuring business continuity and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak

7 April 2020
At Global Cloud Xchange, we are closely monitoring the development of COVID-19. Essential to our Business Continuity Plans (BCP), is the health and welfare of our employees, customers, and suppliers, and the continued steady and reliable operation of our global business.

Here are the key steps we are taking to ensure a continued effective response:


As the situation develops across the regions, we are closely monitoring information and guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities where we operate.
  • Daily risk assessment and reporting from all regions globally with immediate adjustments of response depending on the threat level, based on an internal COVID-19 Severity Response Decision Matrix
  • Daily executive and functional-level briefings and reporting to ensure quick response to any new guidance for local authorities across all our locations

Employee health and welfare

GCX  is taking extensive measure to ensure the safety and well-being of all our employees across the globe.
  • Work-from-home arrangement in locations where COVID-19 detection is made in the community
  • Minimum on-site work only to care of essential functions which are required to ensure continued operations and support of our customers
  • Safety and strict sanitizing procedures being enforced in all GCX locations
  • Self-quarantine in the event of potential exposure (i.e, return from travel, virus detection in the same office building etc)
  • Promoting awareness of the transmission of COVID-19 to all users of GCX facilities with information on how to minimize the risk of infection through strict hygiene practices, and on how to recognize symptoms, through signage and communications
  • Until further notice, prohibiting employees attending work-related events with large gatherings and to avoid international travel
  • Currently, no GCX employees have tested positive for COVID-19

Ensuring business continuity

GCX Operations has extensive experience in running Business Continuity Plans, with top priority in ensuring that our network stays up and running, serving customers as usual.
  • All current business operations are running as normal
  • In regards to India and the lockdown issued by the Indian government on Friday, 20 March 2020 – the services of GCX are part of Essential Services (Telecommunications – Internet/Voice & Data), which means we may operate with a reduced workforce. To ensure continuity of these essential services, our company operates with a smaller core team at our Network Operating Center (NOC), with adequate resources assigned to critical functions so to make sure our business functions efficiently. Any team members that provide on-site support come in on alternate days, on reduced hours while maintaining strict social distancing, and they are screened carefully before entering facilities. Network Operation Center and Field Operation teams provide 24×7 monitoring of the core network and subscribed customer network
  • Regular dialogue with all key global partners and last-mile providers to manage all changing scenarios quickly and efficiently
  • Daily internal calls with all staff who work remotely to ensure business continuity
  • Flexible working arrangements are in place to allow the team to work safely from home

Use of technology

  • Secure VPN network is in place to ensure all staff can remotely login to service and operate the GCX corporate network and services
  • Cloud-based applications and hardware are available to all our staff to conduct business virtually and seamlessly regardless of location
  • Prepared additional notebooks for staff to ensure full work-from-home capability across regions
If you are visiting one of GCX offices, please follow the World Health Organization’s hygiene practices and consider the need for face to face meetings.
If you require more information from GCX, please contact your GCX Account Manager.