GCX Managed Services NSX Solution
PUBLISHED 3 April 2023

By: Lorenzo Romano, Managing Director, GCX Managed Services 

Those of you who have been around the industry, as long as I have, will remember when Vanco came to market in the nineties as a disruptor to the traditional international telecoms players. Back then, Vanco proved that a virtual operator could package and deliver managed services and it did this very successfully, by securing valuable contracts across some of the leading global brands. 

Fast forward to today and Vanco version.2 is coming back to do the same again, but under the new branding of GCX Managed Services. GCX Managed Services’ focus is to deliver secure solutions that enable global enterprises to connect their users and devices to core business applications. Therefore, moving from old-fashioned network SLA performance to real-time User Experience metrics by giving the enterprise visibility of users, applications, devices, and connections in real-time.

So today, I am introducing you to  GCX Managed Services  Network – Security – Experience (NSX) platform. 

At GCX, we understand the value of your data and the need to access data conveniently and securely to operate efficiently. If you work with GCX, we bring you peace of mind knowing that your data can run seamlessly across both public and private network infrastructure globally and securely to optimise price, performance, and experience. We also understand the investment enterprises have made in core business applications that either reside in the cloud or privately. We recognise that one network model doesn’t fit all solutions. Further, our new NSX platform delivers a whole menu of security features and diagnostics that places the control into your hands as to who, what, and where has access; empowering you to monitor the performance of your data in real-time (alternatively GCX can manage this for you). This speaks to how we are delivering a different experience – one that is actually meaningful to how our customers operate their applications and not a proxy for service performance that restricts many of today’s traditional network SLAs.

In summary, we are GCX Managed Services and our NSX managed solution is global, end-to-end Zero Trust, Hybrid Networking coupled with Real Time visibility, security, and control, backed by User Experience metrics or XLA’s. 

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