Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) is honored to announce the company won the Visionary Spotlight Award for Wholesale Broadband and Capacity. Sponsored by ChannelVision Magazine, this award highlights our success in providing connectivity through our robust infrastructure, network services and software to create channel and customer value in major and emerging markets, as well as our efforts to power digital transformation to meet demand from enterprises, hyperscalers, media/content providers, and telecom carriers.

GCX is a leading global data communications service provider and owns one of the world’s largest private subsea network. GCX provides high-bandwidth connectivity to a range of customers including hyperscalers, telecommunications operators, new media providers and enterprises. Its 66,000km of cables span 46 countries from North America to Asia, with a strong position on the Europe-Asia and Intra-Asia routes. 

Just this year, GCX further enabled market growth in the Middle East region with its Gulf Europe Transit (GET) route connecting the Middle East and Asia to Europe. GCX also expanded its partnership with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company™, to provide GCX customers enhanced route diversity and availability of the company’s products and services in the Middle East. With this partnership, GCX enhances access to its Middle East network through a new Point of Presence (PoP) in the Equinix data center in Muscat, Oman.

With constant digitalization, global data traffic is growing rapidly, with data usage forecast to grow in excess of 25% per annum. This data is increasingly being stored and shared via the cloud and relies on data carrier infrastructure, including GCX’s extensive network, to flow between hubs across the world. The results and outcomes of GCX’s continuous advancements are below


The GET Route offers low latency on a unique route that hands off from GCX FALCON to protected networks in Iraq and Turkey and continues up to Equinix in Frankfurt. With GET, GCX connects FALCON, the only self-healing optical system that also has the most landing points in the Middle East, with protected networks Ciena Iraq and TurkTelekom. The fully redundant solution brings together fully licensed operators and can carry 10G and 100G connections to content hubs in Sofia, Bulgaria, Turkey and the major European hubs.


GCX’s Mediterranean Express (MEDEX) route connects the Gulf Region and Asia to Europe through Jordan. This solution offers low latency over GCX’s FEA, FALCON and HAWK cable systems with terrestrial and subsea networks in the Levant region. MEDEX provides seamless connectivity to other terrestrial networks in neighboring countries. As traffic in the Gulf Region grows, diversity, resilience and performance are more important than ever.


The Muscat MC1 IBX leverages Oman as a global communications hub for GCX customers with connectivity to more than 120 cities with redundant and unique latency of 160ms between Frankfurt and Singapore. GCX maintains a team of seasoned experts in the region to help customers plan and deploy value-based strategies through both on-network and hybrid solutions. Bringing together expert capacity planning, and route diversity through the FALCON system, this expanded presence in Oman in the Middle East brings new opportunities in content delivery, gaming, cloud services, and enterprise transformation in the region.

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