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Global Cloud Xchange Expands Cloud Ecosystem with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

By October 13, 2016May 9th, 2018No Comments

CHENNAI, October 13, 2016: Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, in collaboration with Microsoft, today announced the addition of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute via GCX’s CLOUD X Fusion in Chennai, with the ability to establish additional interconnections across multiple locations and offer enterprise customers secure and seamless access to the rapidly growing public cloud ecosystem.

“As India enterprises enter a new era of digital globalization, they require sophisticated new levels of support to tap into opportunities from the convergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), to the latest augmented reality apps,” said Braham Singh, SVP of Global Product Management, Reliance Communications (Enterprise) & Global Cloud Xchange. “Through the interconnection of CLOUD X Fusion and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, customers will benefit from the added flexibility and global reach to be more competitive as we look at new opportunities from the ‘Digital India’ initiatives.”

“Enterprises around the world always look for the right platforms to help them thrive in the digital economy,” said Ross Ortega, Principal Program Manager, Azure Networking.  “Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, combined with CLOUD X Fusion, offers a complete suite of cloud management tools that give enterprise customers the flexibility and scalability required as they adapt to the new paradigm. We are pleased to have GCX as part of our growing Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem.”

CLOUD X Fusion is part of GCX’s CLOUD X portfolio, a proprietary platform designed to seamlessly combine the speed and power of fiber optics with the agility, flexibility and cost-efficiencies of “pay-as-you-go” cloud computing; available globally and controlled by a simple-to-use user portal. With CLOUD X Fusion, enterprises can use Ethernet or MPLS VPN to privately connect their on-premises network, data center or any other network resources via GCX’s private network directly to the Microsoft cloud platforms, such as Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and CRM Online. This offers faster speeds and lower latencies than typical connections over the Internet.

CLOUD X nodes has been launched in Hong Kong, Palo Alto (California), London, New York and all five Indian cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad) since 2014, with plans to roll out additional nodes in the next 12 months.



Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions customized for carriers, enterprises and new media companies. GCX owns the world’s largest private undersea cable system spanning more than 67,000 route kms which, seamlessly integrated with Reliance Communications’ 200,000 route kms of domestic optic fiber backbone, provides a robust Global Service Delivery Platform. With connections to 40 key business markets worldwide spanning Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East, GCX delivers Managed Services to more than 160 countries and offer extensive VPLS-enabled Ethernet network capabilities globally. GCX is equipped to support businesses through the deployment of next generation Enterprise solutions across its Cloud Delivery Networks.