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Global Cloud Xchange Expands Reach across Europe through TI Sparkle SICILY HUB

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GCX multiservice PoP at TI Sparkle SICILY HUB will enhance networks efficiency through a rich ecosystem and market place of multi-breed interconnected global players


Palermo, April 4, 2016: Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has expanded its reach into TI Sparkle SICILY HUB in Palermo with a multiservice PoP, providing enhanced coverage and increased diversity options to support the customer’s business growth in the region.

With an ever growing presence of multi-breed global players, TI Sparkle’s Next Generation Data Center and open ecosystem SICILY HUB continues to attract new eyeballs, content and interconnections to international infrastructure and a complete service marketplace where service providers, content and media players and system integrators have an opportunity to grow their business.

Located closer than any other European peering point to North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, TI Sparkle SICILY HUB is served by Seabone, TI Sparkle’s Tier 1-grade Global IP Transit service, while its open and resilient configuration supports carriers and ISPs that want to enhance the redundancy of their networks.

In addition, through DE-CIX’s IX platform, SICILY HUB allows carriers that land their IP backbones in Sicily to directly interconnect with each other and to other providers that have a presence in the facility. These other providers include some of the world’s most well-known and largest content players.

“Global Cloud Xchange latest presence in our Sicily Hub with a multiservice PoP confirms how relevant Palermo is becoming as the Hub of choice for any global player active in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East”, says Alessandro Talotta, Chairman and CEO of TI Sparkle.

“GCX has a committed and long standing history of serving customers across Europe as the region continues to be a strong market for us,” said Bill Barney, CEO, Reliance Communications (Enterprise) & Global Cloud Xchange. “The new Palermo PoP complements our existing capabilities in the region, while further enhancing our ability to meet the growing demand for high performance, low latency connectivity across Africa, the Mediterranean and the emerging markets.”

TI Sparkle SICILY HUB has been designed with the most advanced technologies and follows the most restrictive technical parameters typical of Telecom Italia Group’s Next Generation Data Centers.


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