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Global Cloud Xchange & Cingularity to Deliver Broadcast of Sporting Events Across the Globe

By September 9, 2019March 9th, 2021No Comments

LONDON, 10 September 2019: Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) today announced that it has partnered with UK-based media fibre provider Cingularity to deliver a global distribution network, which will be used to deliver real-time media content to centralized remote production facilities before being broadcast to viewers globally. GCX has provided Cingularity with a high-capacity wave on the FA-1 South subsea cable system between London and New York (via Paris), which offers total separacy from any other trans-Atlantic cable system, providing the redundancy and reliability the broadcast media industry demands.

Cingularity provides a range of network-based services to the broadcast industry, enabling the intelligent production and distribution of live broadcasts using fibre networks for some of the largest sports property owners globally.

“Sporting events attract some of the biggest audiences worldwide, so it is therefore critical for us to guarantee smooth, uninterrupted access for these viewers,” said Dan Pope, Managing Director, Cingularity. “With the help of GCX’s highly reliable Global Network and its proven media capabilities, we are confident that we will deliver an unrivaled viewing experience to our viewers and sports fans,” he added.


“We are delighted to be working with Cingularity to provide connectivity, enabling live broadcasts of key sports content to global viewers,” said Stefano Mazzitelli, President of Europe & USA, GCX. “Our expertly designed infrastructure with redundancy and reliability built-in is critical to ensuring the successful broadcast of live sporting events.”

Using capacity bought from GCX and other connectivity providers, Cingularity has built a network which it calls intelligent media fibre, which can link sporting venues around the world back to centralised broadcast production facilities in the UK and beyond. Live broadcast feeds from around the world can be carried across this network to the broadcast production crew, who can edit and produce the broadcast remotely saving cost and ensuring editorial consistency. In the past, editing and production would have been done at the venue by production crews sitting on-site.

GCX’s privately-owned Global Network is distinguished by its separacy from any other cable system, unmatched geographic coverage and ability to provide both sub-sea and terrestrial connectivity across the globe, linking up established markets in Europe and North America to the emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia, and optimized for the high-performance delivery and distribution of content, typically required by media and broadcasting companies.


About Global Cloud Xchange

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) offers network services that power digital transformation for enterprises, new media providers, and telecoms carriers. We cover all aspects of cloud-centric connectivity from managed SD-WAN and hybrid networks, to direct Cloud connections and 100 Gbps+ waves. With a pedigree going back 30+ years, GCX are experts in providing connectivity throughout the Emerging Markets Corridor into Asia via the vast GCX subsea network (the world’s largest private submarine cable network), with extensions available into more than 200 countries worldwide.

About Cingularity

Cingularity is a media network provider that designs and delivers custom broadcast solutions for remote production to ensure its customers are always live, with perfect transmission every time. Cingularity provides broadcast transmission networks that enable production, distribution and broadcast media businesses to transmit high quality video content, audio and broadcast control data direct from sporting and entertainment venues and locations anywhere in the world, for production, distribution and streaming to audiences. The Cingularity video network includes a 10 Gbps core network in the US and Europe, with diverse connectivity into each site, including 3 x 10Gbps transatlantic connectivity on separate cable systems.