We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions customized for carriers, enterprises and new media/OTT companies.


In this new era of globalization, we deliver network connectivity and application performance at the core of digital transformation, with a focus on the world’s fastest-growing economies from India across the Emerging Markets Corridor.

We operate the largest, privately owned, global subsea network and have pushed our infrastructure up the stack to enable more efficient and globally-connected network orchestration.

Our nine world-class Data Centers, 79 smaller micro-centers and over 1,500 points of presence deliver Hosting and Cloud-based services, interconnecting with the Emerging Market’s largest high-capacity subsea cable infrastructure and domestic fiber network.

We deliver Managed Services to more than 200 countries with many of the world’s leading enterprises relying on us to underpin their operations.

We are equipped to support businesses through the deployment of next-generation Enterprise solutions across our Cloud Delivery Networks.