Financial Services

Global economic pressures, stricter legislation and market regulation, increased competition through customer service, shift in resource models. Financial services companies are facing pressure and change from a variety of angles as they strive to increase revenue, reduce costs and manage compliance.

Through multi-channel banking, retail banks strive to retain customers and deliver better service, but this requires strong data security and rationalized back offices. Investment banks are reliant upon latency sensitive data applications, voice and video to support the asset trading process from pre-trade data to post-trade settlement.  Insurers who face increased commoditization and competition from price comparison sites continually look to make processes more efficient despite the prevalence of inefficient legacy IT systems.

To access all the information and services you need to operate in today’s financial services markets you need global connectivity, and infrastructure on which to securely host your information assets whether these are key business applications or customer information.

And of course you need this to be secure.

Global Cloud Xchange can provide you with fast, high capacity connections where you need them.

Whether in the form of low-latency connections between Hong Kong and Seoul to complete transactions quicker, gigabit connectivity between Paris and New York to deliver ever-increasing information to your fund managers, or private secure IP connectivity between branch offices throughout Asia and the Middle East, our solutions can help you reduce cost, reach new markets or serve your valued customers in innovative new ways.

Global Cloud Xchange has a variety of products and solutions for your enterprise:

  • State-of-the-art high capacity IPLCs and EPLs offer low latency routes across Asia and unique coverage throughout the Middle East
  • Easy-to-manage, Global Ethernet with bandwidth-on-demand and usage-based billing is the ideal platform to support data, voice and video convergence, and virtualized computing
  • Our bespoke MPLS VPN solutions can provide cost effective, secure IP connectivity to 160 countries worldwide: available as “wires-only” or as a fully-managed service.
  • Our App Xpress Manage WAN optimization solutions mean your critical applications always have the bandwidth required to underpin transaction processing, customer service and information-management
  • Secure Cloud Services including virtualized computing, cloud storage and cloud back-up, in both dedicated and shared environments, can deployed “on-net” directly into your Global Cloud Xchange network or via the public Internet to become a seamless extension of your existing IT infrastructure