Demand-pull supply chains present real challenges for global logistics providers who need to follow their customers into new markets while succeeding on traditionally low margins.

Low cost structures and  commercialization in developing markets, the availability of natural resources and raw materials in remote locations, high street and online competition;  all factors making collaboration, knowledge-sharing and real-time communication keys to success for logistics providers.

In addition, focus on environmental issues and the ever-increasing cost of fuel makes the smooth and timely movement of goods through the supply chain even more difficult. Late delivery can be costly with penalty payments to customers and loss of confidence.

Your success is contingent upon you being able to communicate and collaborate with customers, their suppliers, other transport and warehouse providers. Often this is over huge distance and across several timezones in multiple languages.

Your selection of network services partner is critical.

Your data and applications need to be accessible from everywhere. Your network provider needs to be able to reach the remotest locations in the most hostile environments. You need flexible solutions to cater for short-term connectivity and IT services for new and temporary locations.

Providing mission-critical networking to remote locations, often with minimal notice is what Global Cloud Xchanges has been doing for more than 25 years.
  • Cloud Services provide unrivalled agility, offering you access to both shared and dedicated virtualized computing environments and enabling you to deploy whole application server workloads in minutes rather than day wherever you need them, even in emerging markets like India and China.
  • Flexible and far-reaching Managed MPLS VPN solutions with agile WAN Xtra rapid deployment options can help your IT department stay abreast of your dynamic ever-changing business through cost effective, globally-available networks which leverage both our global infrastructure and innovative in-country options
  • Our App Xpress solutions mean your critical applications always have the bandwidth required to manage complex scheduling and consignments
  • We can also provide expertly managed X-Shield security services to keep your critical IT environments and sensitive data safe from both external and internal threat.