Managed Network Services

App Xpress

LAN-like application performance over the Wide Area Network

Eliminate traditional network constraints of distance and network latency.
Accelerate application performance by up to 100 times.

A fully-managed WAN optimization solution designed to accelerate application performance by eliminating bottlenecks

App Xpress, uses caching, compression and acceleration techniques to improve the performance of applications over the WAN, eliminating the need for expensive network upgrades and delivering improved value for money.

Reduce the load on network resources through data streamlining

Data caching and compression techniques (data de-duplication) are used to ensure that data is only sent once between any two App Xpress appliances or clients, removing 65% – 95% of the bytes transmitted over the WAN link.

Improve bandwidth efficiency through transport streamlining

App Xpress appliances optimize TCP, setting up TCP sessions “on the fly” and removing the delays caused by the slow “ramp-up” period resulting from the default “TCP sliding window algorithm”.

Accelerate mission-critical applications through application streamlining

App Xpress appliances use optimization techniques to improve the efficiency of selected applications by constraining “chatty” protocols to the LAN, and only sending traffic out over the WAN which is absolutely needed.

Through optimization, efficiency gains of up to 50 times can be made in the performance of applications like Windows and UNIX file sharing, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle Forms, Lotus Notes, MS-SQL and others.

Improved visibility and control of application performance

Powerful reporting tools give genuine insight into how applications perform across your WAN.

The GCX managed service provides a range of performance management reports including:

  • Bandwidth Optimization Report
  • Throughput Report
  • Data Reduction Report
  • Traffic Summary Report

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