Managed Network Services

WAN Xtra

Ultimate network agility and flexibility.
Stay abreast of short-notice branch opening schedules.
A little extra peace-of-mind when it’s needed the most.

Rapid Deployment & Temporary Resiliency Solutions to Beat Terrestrial Lead Times

Sometimes, your business needs to move faster than telecoms lines will allow. Traditional MPLS and Ethernet lead times are measured in months while broadband and DSL are measured in weeks.

But businesses often need new connectivity in a matter of days. WAN Xtra provides almost instantaneous Hybrid VPN connectivity, seamlessly integrated into your managed WAN.

Our customers can now bypass the risk of “too long” delivery lead times when site connectivity is needed in days, or add “that little extra resilience” to guarantee connectivity during a special event or peak period.

Take Lead times out of the equation

WAN Xtra allows you to keep up with your business, even when they “need new connectivity tomorrow”.

By using pre-configured devices with high-speed 3G & 4G data, WAN Xtra takes fixed telecoms line lead times off the critical path.

So next time your business tells you “we’re opening a new site in 10 days” the connectivity will be ready and waiting.

Network “belt & braces” for those special events

Thanks to its portability, WAN Xtra can be used to add that little bit extra site resilience to make sure things don’t go wrong when you least need them to; during the CEO’s visit or the annual customer conference.

Be ready for when you’re called upon … Even at short notice

Pools of WAN Xtra devices can be held and shipped to wherever you need them, for whenever you need them, meaning you are ready to connect your business whenever the call comes.

Pop-up stores and short-term connectivity? No problem

WAN Xtra is also the perfect solution when you need to connect a site temporarily … whether that’s for a matter of days, weeks or a few months.

We will ship a pre-configured WAN Xtra device to site and hold your hand all the way as the site is brought up, and user-connectivity is proven.

How’s that for agility?

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