The manufacturing landscape has changed. Low cost structures are increasingly taking manufacturers and their logistics partners into countries along the Emerging Markets Corridor where they face a new set of challenges if they are to maintain their operational efficiency.

Agility, collaboration and communication are key to maximising competitive positioning. While your HQ might be in the industrial heartland of Europe, your R&D facilities, assembly plants or sales offices might be in the remotest of locations in Asia, Africa or South America.
Yet you still need to maintain real-time connectivity to your data and your applications. You may even need to deploy applications into whole new environments; this may be where the Cloud comes into play.

On top of this you need to continually innovate. Your R&D cycles are under constant pressure as the half-life of your products reduces in the face of today’s information-rich society. Delays in “test and dev” to bring R&D to production will cost you dearly, yet you are probably increasingly dependent on complex applications and the hosting and connectivity challenges they bring; especially the Emerging Markets.

And to keep your products in pole position they need to be backed by 24×7 customer service on a global basis where your customers can access expertise, information and support via a variety of channels from phone to chat, email to FAQ knowledgebase, even Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. And in multiple languages.

Your network is critical to your business. Downtime could cost millions of dollars in wasted materials, production delays, penalty payments to your customers and lost opportunity. Lack of reach could mean the difference between entering a new market and not. How you leverage the Cloud is crucial to your future prosperity.

And what of your supply chain? How do you seamlessly link to them, exchange information, share data, collaborate on work processes?

All of this must be carried out while continuously reducing your carbon footprint where the flow of information is simply pivotal.

Don’t leave it to chance. You need a network partner who can match your global needs and help carry you forward in the complex world of 21st century manufacturing.
Providing mission-critical communication platforms is entrenched in Global Cloud Xchange’s heritage.
Whether it is leveraging our global footprint and supplementing it with connectivity from partners to provide a secure, flexible network to enable your growth, we have the knowledge and expertise to support you. From the US mid-west to Malaysia, Taiwan to the Rhine Valley, our solutions form the foundations upon which many of the world’s leading manufacturers operate.


  • We are industry-leaders in delivering cost-effective, Global Managed MPLS VPNs backed by compelling SLAs to a wealth of the world’s top manufacturers. Rather than be put off by your geographical challenges we thrive on them, finding innovative, practical and cost effective solutions that mean your business is not constrained by geography.
  • We can even deploy and manage WAN optimization through App Xpress so that you critical applications always have the bandwidth required to underpin production scheduling, inventory management and other key information. To give you even more peace of mind, WAN Xtra can be used for “pooled” emergency connectivity; especially if you have key sites in zones prone to natural disaster.
  • And we don’t stop there. Through CLOUD X Fusion we provide high performance, enterprise-grade, private connectivity from our global MPLS VPN and Global Ethernet platforms into the leading public Clouds (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud) on a truly global basis. These vast Cloud platforms are merely an on-net network port away from your users.
  • We can also provide expertly managed X-Shield security services to keep your critical IT environments, mobile users and sensitive data safe from both external and internal threat, whether through appliance-basedsecurity services or via the Cloud through our Cloud-based Secure Web Gateway (powered by Zscaler)

As Isola continues to move its IT services into the Cloud, it is also steering towards more collaborative Cloud-based business tools and applications.

Over the last couple of years, Isola has been extremely aggressive in moving our services to the Cloud, not just from an IT point of view but also from a business point of view.  We find moving our disaster recovery model into the cloud is very attractive. From a business service point of view, all of our project management tools, which are all very collaborative, those are all into the cloud now. We use GCX for not just dropping in a circuit into a location in North Carolina or in Taiwan, but to help us roadmap where we see ourselves in a year or two or three.

– Richard Caron – CIO, Isola Group