IP Voice Empowers Enterprises to Improve Customer Engagement and Efficiencies

RCOM/GCX is bringing to Indian Enterprises the many benefits of IP Telephony — cost savings, improved productivity, increased innovation and effective collaboration. In today’s changing technology landscape, looking at IP Voice purely as a “two-party telephone call” alternative is a thing of the past. Plain vanilla voice — with HD quality often coming as a bonus — is a given in IP Voice, but the biggest advantages it offers are that it prepares enterprises for the changing needs of businesses and gets them wired up for tomorrow.

The “workspace” is transitioning from a cluster of divided spaces into a flexible, fluid and collaborative environment. This is particularly true for large campuses that are being designed or newly constructed. The IP network in enterprises is moving towards being a single network carrying data, voice and video. Communications devices get plugged into this network, when and where needed, enabling people and machines to exchange information and collaborate on demand seamlessly. Conferencing, for instance, is easy if you’re using IP Voice. So is setting up sophisticated Unified Communications solutions.
In an IP ecosystem, collaboration tools do not seem distinct and separate anymore — these now get well-entrenched in regular work patterns, often going as far as to bring in a cultural shift towards a more collaborative way of working. Clearly, enterprises have redrawn their IT and network setup and are moving towards a converged, scalable and cost-effective architecture. By bringing voice, data and video onto a single converged IP backbone, enterprises transcend the boundaries of possibilities, making communications management efficient and scalable.

By bringing voice, data and video onto a single converged IP backbone, enterprises transcend the boundaries of possibilities, making communications management efficient and scalable.

Early Mover Advantage

RCOM/GCX has been quick to identify the latent demand for IP Voice services and has an early mover advantage. RCOM/GCX was the first Indian telco to have a truly nationwide IP Voice backbone. Leveraging this backbone, the company launched an Enterprise SIP Trunking service powered by an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to successfully address this latent yet increasing demand. The RCOM/GCX SIP Trunking solution offers a platform on which to build innovative Cloud Telephony Solutions.

“Given the era of digital transformation, it is imperative for enterprises to ensure that their investments are future-proof, as they grow seamlessly. Reliance Communications has been a pioneer in launching India’s first and only Enterprise SIP Trunking service powered by IP Multimedia Sub system (IMS),” said Benoy CS, Director & Business Unit Head, Digital Transformation, South Asia & Middle East, Frost & Sullivan.

Irrespective of the size of the enterprise, the TDM to IP Voice journey is inevitable. The time and route taken to cover this journey will be different for different enterprises, depending on factors such as size, spread and industry segment, but there’s no denying that IP is the future. Enterprises that move towards a converged network will stand to gain in a Global Business Village that is increasingly looking at the workplace as a place for collaboration. And catalyzing this shift will be the availability of new services, and the increasingly visible trend of network infrastructure becoming more IP-friendly.

The award validates RCOM’s commitment to addressing customer needs through deep technological innovations
By bringing voice, data and video onto a single converged IP backbone, is enabling enterprises to transcend the boundaries of technological possibilities

“IP Voice is dramatically changing the contours of voice communications, and today’s enterprises are looking at innovative ways to engage with customers, minimize Capex and get a better return on investment. RCOM/GCX SIP Trunk is one of the early game-changers in the transformative journey towards the IP Voice ecosystem,” Braham Singh, Senior Vice-President, Global Product Management at RCOM/GCX, said.

Recently, Frost & Sullivan presented RCOM/GCX with the prestigious ‘India Digital Transformation Award 2017’ in the ‘New Products and Services’ category

As a pioneer in this IP Voice domain, RCOM/GCX has worked closely with customers to seamlessly transition them from TDM to IP Voice and deliver significant business benefits. Recently, Frost & Sullivan has acknowledged RCOM/GCX for its SIP Trunking service and awarded the company with the prestigious ‘India Digital Transformation Award 2017’ in the ‘New Products and Services’ category.